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Once upon a lady's crafternoon, amidst the tiny plates of cheese and fruit, Rebecca reveals her tarot decks.Curious and only having seen tarot cards once before, I choose a deck and begin to shuffle through. I am asked if I would like my Tarot read and before I know it, we have taken to the floor and I am immersed into calm whirlwind of insight. The Pace is set to my own reflection, I am not rushed but left to my own devices to personally decipher the wisdom so expertly bestowed. Rebecca is truly a professional reader who takes her craft seriously with the best of intent. I felt immediately at ease and eager to hear more.

Lillian H.

Rebecca is a highly intuitive reader. I've had a reading as well as taken her classes and can recommend both without hesitation.

Jenny C.

Informative and motivational!! I get lots of interesting little tid bits that help me on my path

Jennifer S.

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